Visit Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

December 15, 2017
Category: Tourist Attractions

About Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Built in the early 60s, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo have been up and running for over four decades and since then has gone through many renovations as they continue to offer fun attractions, rides, and activities through the years that grab the attention of visitors. The park features a variety of activities, such as mini golf, a merry-go-round, a family roller coaster, and much more. The zoo portion of the park includes many exotic animal exhibits, such as the Fossa; the largest of the mongoose family that is native to Madagascar. Other animals that are on display are the meerkat, anteaters, lemurs, several different types of exotic birds, and many more animals that can peak your interest.

For those of us who are either young in age or young at heart, the park also puts on puppet shows like The Princess and the Frog and Three Little Pigs. The park also offers educational classes and overnight trips where families can join in on the sleepover fun, camps, and other educational activities.

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