Must See Attraction: The Heritage Rose Garden

October 15, 2017
Category: Tourist Attractions

The Heritage Rose Garden is located at 438 Coleman Avenue in San Jose and is a must-see attraction. One of the highlights of downtown San Jose, the Rose Garden has no admission fee. It is a nice little paradise right in the middle of the busy and densely populated cityscape. San Jose Rose Garden has around three thousand five hundred plants including almost three thousand different varieties of roses. Most of these roses are rare and cannot be found anywhere else. Rose Garden is the fruit of a collective effort of three organizations. There are several volunteers, almost all locals, who dedicatedly work at the garden, from planting to fertilizing, propagating to weeding and pruning to cataloging.

About the Rose Garden

Rose Garden is open every day. You could visit here from dawn to sunset, albeit you wouldn’t need a whole day to explore the garden. The place opens half an hour pre-dawn and remains open till half an hour past sunset. You can drive and park at the lot on Taylor Street and Spring Street. You may also walk if you are staying somewhere close.

Rose Garden in San Jose has a bike path to the south and west, beyond which lie Historic Orchard and Courtyard Garden respectively. River Park is to the east and Taylor Street marks the northwest. The entire layout of the garden can be easily classified into six distinct sections. You should start at the center and explore the once-blooming old garden roses, shrub roses, hybrid teas and floribundas, older hybrid teas and floribundas, Chinas and then re-blooming old garden roses.

You would get to explore Gallicas, Damasks, Albas, Centifolias, Spinossissimas, Mosses, Eglantines and Species, Portlands, Hybrid Perpetuals and Bourbons, Musk, Autumn Damask, Hybrid Musks and English Roses among others. There are engraved plaques at the garden for easy reference. You can learn the names of the roses, the class, year of discovery or release and hybridizer, wherever relevant. You can also purchase roses if you desire.

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