Explore the Portuguese Historical Museum

March 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do

Opened in 1997, the Portuguese Historical Museum is one of the most well-known attractions within San Jose. The museum originally opened only a few days before Portugal Day and is a replica of the first Holy Chapel built in San José in 1915. This chapel was better known as an império. The Portuguese Historical Museum expands across approximately 3,200 square feet in total. The museum exhibits displays which explain the significance of the origins of the Chapel and the history of Santa Clara, while preserving the stories of these places and the people within them, promising to be a fun and informative time.

About The Portuguese Historical Museum

The Portuguese Historical Museum is open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekends, or by appointment. In addition to this, admissions into the museum are completely free. This makes the Portuguese Historical Museum the perfect place to tour if you share an interest in learning more about San Jose.

The Portuguese Historical Museum is located in the southern portion of Kelly Park Disc Golf Course in San Jose. This park covers about 25 acres and is incredible in size and beauty. The museum was placed there specifically as a long-term investment by the City of San Jose. The location insured the townspeople that the building will remain preserved as a memorial for years to come, as it has been for years. The museum still carries on the legacy and pasts of the Portuguese culture and will continue to do so for many more years.

The Portuguese Historical Museum features many exhibits that emphasize the importance of the history of the Portuguese culture, as well as two fantastic bandstands located in the plaza of the Museum. These bandstands are replicas of Rosa dos Ventos, which are representative of the Portuguese culture. The layout of the museum is designed to be themed after the model of the first chapel constructed in San Jose, making the halls of the museum a historical relic as well. The museum takes up two stories of the building, making it an impressive representation of historical significance.

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